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New Paintings by Todd Thomas Brown | A Small Gathering

Creative work development comes in different waves and seasons. For myself, it also shifts through different disciplinary focuses. I recently finished a 5-month performance residency with Scarlett Cushion, an interdisciplinary performance ensemble formed by myself and three other artists with a focus on the teme of resilience. This was at CounterPulse in San Francisco. Having just presented the last of our 6 performances of "The Bell in the Blood" in April, for the culmination of the residency, I have now rededicated myself to time in the paint studio. It's been a very exciting period of growth for me, and I'm looking forward to sharing my latest paintings with you. 

As some of you may know, painting plays for me a dual role; one of creative meditation/exploration, and another as a kind of grant writing to engender support for future projects. It is a practice of being continually present with materials and following the impulses that the materials trigger, which is freeing, in that I have not a need for preconceived subjectmatter. This process plays a healthy contrast/compliment to my performance work, which is very specific in terms of its investigations. Painting allows me the simple exploration of color, line, texture, abstract forms, space, and the inclusion of unanticipated found materials. At the same time (by luxury of this discipline, which differs from dance and theater), a painting is an object, an artifact, that I can sell. The proceeds from sales of the work then gets turned around and funneled into projects that never enter the marketplace. I have found this to be a very integrated and rewarding way of sustaining myself and staying true to the questions and intimations that push me along in life. 

This summer I will be returning to the East Coast to spend a month to with my father, and thereafter plan to head to Southern Europe where I will continue to work through the fall. This will be the first of two studio showings I plan to have before leaving. 

Due to privacy concerns of the shared workspace I hold, we cannot advertise the address. If you would like to attend, please shoot me a message and I will send you the location (it is in/around Lake Merritt Bart).