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TTBrown - Open Studio - 15 Years of Paintings

15 Years of Paintings. . .

Some of you may know, this April I am relocating to Naples, Italy. However, before I leave, I will be hosting a showing of all the work, past and present, that remains in my possession (roughly 50 works on canvas or wood, including a new 2018 series, and 60 works on paper) at my Oakland studio. The range of work spans 15 years, 2003 to the present, and reflects a broad sweep of explorations through figurative and abstract sensibilities. It's a two-day Sat/Sun showing, and I will be available for private appointments the following week.

My studio is within a shared work space located two blocks from the lake Merritt Bart, one block from the Oakland Museum. In addition to the front gallery space (where I presented work previously), I will be exhibiting in the main and back room as well. This will be my largest showing of work to date.

Please message me for the exact address, or write me at

MARCH 17 & 18 2018
Saturday & Sunday, Noon - 6PM


If you are interested in making a future purchase, or if you want to cast your vote of support on this next period of investigation and exploration as I chart out project in Southern Italy (friends, you can even do this for $1-5/mo, and become an official 'patron'), check out my new patreon page:

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