Mediterranea of Napoli presents new works by Todd Thomas Brown
to Jun 25

Mediterranea of Napoli presents new works by Todd Thomas Brown

at Mediterranea, Napoli, Italia

Apertura: 3 giugno, dalle 18:00 alle 20:30

Curated by Saverio Amedola of Mediterranea, one of Italy’s ten longest running fine art galleries, and the oldest gallery in Napales, this June features a solo exhibition of mixed-media works on canvas, wood panel, and paper, by San Francisco/Vermont artist Todd Thomas Brown. This collection of paintings were created by Brown in Naples, the majority via an informal artist residency sponsered by Diego Nuzzo of Wunderkammer Napoli.

La Mediterranea presenta la personale di Todd Thomas Brown. Nasce tra le verdi montagne del Vermont; artista multidisciplinare, recentemente trapiantato a Napoli dopo aver vissuto venti anni nella Baia di San Francisco dove ha studiato pittura e performance. Fondatore di San Francisco's Red Poppy Art House e del Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP) un festival artistico interculturale che ha visto la partecipazione delle comunita’ locali producendo oltre 75 eventi multidisciplinari sin dalla sua istituzione. Il lavoro di Todd è supportato da numerose istituzioni sia pubbliche che private negli Stati Uniti e le sue collaborazioni includono progetti in Messico, Perù, Argentina e Brasile.

Todd has participated in artist residencies and/or fellowships with San Francisco’s de Young Museum (2009, 2011/12), Residencia el Otro Lado, Chiapas, MX. 2009/10), and CounterPulse's EDGE Residency in San Francisco, California (2016/17). He presently lives and works between Naples, Italy, the San Francisco Bay Area / Sonoma, and Vermont.

Mediterranea associazione culturale, Via Carlo de Cesare 60, 80132 Napoli

tel: 081403310            aperti al pubblico: lun-sab 11:00/13:30 - 17:00/20:00

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TTBrown - Open Studio - 15 Years of Paintings
to Mar 18

TTBrown - Open Studio - 15 Years of Paintings

Some of you may know, this April I am relocating to Naples, Italy. However, before I leave, I will be hosting a showing of all the work, past and present, that remains in my possession (roughly 50 works on canvas or wood, including a new 2018 series, and 60 works on paper) at my Oakland studio. The range of work spans 15 years, 2003 to the present, and reflects a broad sweep of explorations through figurative and abstract sensibilities. It's a two-day Sat/Sun showing, and I will be available for private appointments the following week.

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to Apr 29


CounterPulse presents two weekends of original new works from our 2017 artists-in-residence: Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith’s weather // body and Scarlett Cushion’s The Bell in the Blood.

EDGE: Edge is an incubation residency and commissioning program for contemporary choreographers whose work is deeply curious about the intersection of art practice and social change. Through progressing showings, discourse events, and culminating live performances this program is a platform for investigating relevancy and creating new knowledge. By eliminating boundaries between disciplines, between artists and audience, and between communities, Edge produces innovative performance works with transformational potential.

April 20-29, 2017, Thu-Sat 8pm
at CounterPulse, 80 Turk Street, SF, CA


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2:00 PM14:00


  • Red Poppy Art House & Residential Locations (map)
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Mission Stoop Fest
in the Mission District of San Francisco 

A Neighborhood Festival Initiative to Transform Resident Stoops into Sites of Oral History and Performance

STOOP is a civil society arts experiment that transpires on the front stoops of local residences where traditional and contemporary artists perform and where local residents share stories and histories. The front stoop represents a literal threshold between the public and private spheres and is a historic site of spontaneous community interaction and exchange. Before arriving to urban centers, it was traditionally the porches of smaller communities where neighbor interaction took place. Moving from the rural to the urban, the porch was transformed into the stoop. This unique public-private space has become increasingly significant and symbolic in our neighborhoods that are undergoing the rapid processes of gentrification, such that results in a breakdown of social fabric and the loss of communal/neighborhood memory. STOOP represents our heart-set invitation into a space of encounter – where past meets present, where the public meets the private, and where different communities intersect to discover the threads that link us together.

To initiate this project, the Red Poppy Art House, with support from the California Arts Council, is playing the role of catalyst, to help organize five sites to launch STOOP this June. Our goal is for STOOP to occur during the day on the same bi-monthly dates as a sister-project - the Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP). Similar to the MAPP festival, STOOP will provide a program and a map of multiple neighborhood stoops where performance and storytelling will unfold simultaneously. We hope that this initiative will inspire more residents to take part and choose to make their stoop a site for cultural and community exchange in months to come. 

J U N E 4 2 0 1 6
2PM - 5PM
6PM Stoop Afterparty

STOOP #1: Pigeon Palace - 2840-2848 Folsom Street @ 24th/25th. Curators: Adriana Camarena, Keith Hennessy, and Chris Carlsson
STOOP #2: Red Poppy Art House - 2698 Folsom Street @ 23rd. Curators: Susana Aragon and Indira Urrutia (**you can pick up the program here)
STOOP #3: Casa de los Sentidos - 2649 Folsom Street @ 23rd. Curators: La Bohemia/Carlos Disdier & Manuel Trujillo
STOOP #4: Fingersnaps Street Salon - 2416 Folsom Street & 20th. Curators: Lamont Bransford-Young & Co
STOOP #5: The Moving Stoop with a Performance Procession by Mission youth dance ensemble Moving Beyond Productions
6PM AFTERPARTY: Mission Stoop Fest Afterparty, with AfroCuban rumba by Los Rumberos de Cali.

STOOP # 1 - "The Pigeon Palace Post-Up!"
2840-2848 Folsom Street between 24th & 25th
Curators: Keith Hennessey, Chris Carlsson, and Adriana Camarena
Printmaking by The Poster Syndicate (Jos Sances and others) 
Breadmaking by Lisa Ruth Elliot
Merchandising by Carlos Palencia “Posted”

2:00PM: Social Gathering at the Stoop
2:20PM: The Welcome
2:30PM: Chris Carlsson-150 years ago on Folsom Street(History-telling) 
2:35PM: Ivy McClelland & Morgan(Acoustic Songs)
2:45PM: Oscar Salinas- Varrio Precita Park(Neighborhood Story)
3:00PM: Keith Hennessy(Spoken Word)
3:10PM: Yayne Abeba(Comedy)
3:20PM: Chris Carlsson(History-telling)
3:30PM: Nancy Pili-Thugz Mansion(Neighborhood Story)
3:45PM: Porch interlude
3:55PM: Pearl Ubungen(Dance)
4:05PM: Rebecca Solnit(Reading)
4:20PM: Anthony Theodore(Songs) 
4:30PM: Adriana Camarena
4:45PM: Chris Carlsson-50 years ago(History-telling)
4:50PM: Closing

STOOP #2 - "Memory and Peace" 
Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom Street @ 23rd. 
Curators: Susana Aragón & Indira Urrutia

2:00 Opening the stoop with Rebeca Cervantes group
Ongoing projects 2-5
Ella Noe , painter - live drawing
Embroidery for peace and justice
Poetry memories of a neighborhood
2:30PM: Maria José Montijo - voz y arpa
2:55PM: Bianca Catalán - stories
3:15PM: Anais Azul - poem and music improvisation
3:30PM: San Francisco Youth Theater - Hamlet
Bianca Catalán , Homero Rosas
3:50PM: Rennea Couttenye - singer
4:10PM: Ximena Sosa, artist/ poet
4:30PM: Diana Gameros (vocals, guitar)& Luis Fernando Gameros (vocals. guitar)-Folk, Pop, Bossa Nova, and Stories from North and South of The Border-

STOOP #3 - "La Casa de los Sentidos"
2649 Folsom St. @ 23rd
Curators: Carlos Disdier & Manuel Trujillo

2:00PM: Intro/Colin O'Leary
2:15PM: Cuevo Perez
2:40PM: Francisco Hereera(Singer/Songwriter)
3:00PM: Carlos Baron(Storytelling)
3:20PM: Community Sharing
3:30PM: Son Jarocho
3:45PM: Fandango
4:00PM: Hena “Rodomira” Moreno(Los Cuentos de la Abuela)
4:15PM: Community Sharing
4:30PM: María José Montijo(Singer/Songwriter)
4:50PM: Closing

STOOP #4 - Fingersnaps Street Salon
2416 Folsom Street & 20th. Curators: Lamont Bransford-Young & Co

Fingersnaps Mission stoop fest celebrates the culture and family legacy of the Mendoza family. Victor Mendoza, former resident of 2406 Folsom St. shares his family story about being a part of the mission district for the past 60 years.
2:00pm-2:20pm Lamont DJ Set/Intro
2:30pm-2:50pm Aimee Amparo
3:00pm-3:10pm Rebecca Weisser Cervantes
3:15pm-3:35pm Claudio Fantome
3:45pm-4:05pm Colin O’Leary
4:15pm-4:35pm Victor Mendoza
4:40pm-5:00pm Erika Oba

STOOP #5: The Moving Stoop
Performance Procession by Mission youth dance ensemble MOVING Beyond Productions
Curators: Rebecca Cervantes & Moving Beyond Productions

Moving Around Folsom between 20th and 26th
2:00-2:20PM: Red Poppy
2:30-2:50PM: Casa de los Sentidos
3:00-3:20PM: DJ Lamont's Place
3:30-3:50PM: Red Poppy
4:00-4:20PM: Philz mural(3101 24th St)
4:30-5:00PM: Pigeon Palace

Alex Flores
America Ramirez
Ashley Diaz
Caroline Edmundson
Denise Mukul
Dylan Cordero
Fernanda Ramirez
Khalia Williams
Mariah Delgado
Melanie Udave
Samantha Espinoza
Yahayra Udave
Yatziry Montiel

Join us at 6PM for a Mission Stoop Fest Afterparty, with AfroCuban rumba by Los Rumberos de Cali. And then stick around for more performances for the evening of the Mission Arts Performance Project.

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8:00 PM20:00


The Mission arts & Performance Project neighborhood festival
at the Red Poppy Art House

Launched in 2003, the Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP) is a homegrown bi-monthly, multidisciplinary, intercultural happening that takes place in the Mission District of San Francisco.  On the first Saturday of every even month of the year, the MAPP transforms ordinary spaces such as private garages, gardens, living rooms, studios, street corners, and small businesses, into pop-up performance and exhibition sites for a day/night of intimate-scale artistic and cultural exchange among a kaleidoscope of individuals and communities. 


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